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We believe in Self-care beauty products without all the chemical additives. It’s important to us to spread wellness, love, and beauty. We promote Pro-Aging for women around the world.

Meet Constance, Owner

In the heart of nature’s bounty, where the rhythm of the earth whispers secrets of wellness, Constance found her calling. An accomplished herbalist, Constance saw a gap in the market for truly healthy, natural, and organic beauty and lifestyle products that not only promised purity but delivered it. Unwilling to compromise on the health and well-being of her family—and by extension, the Lost River community—she embarked on a journey to create what she couldn’t find. This quest led to the birth of Lost River Naturals, a sanctuary for anyone seeking beauty products as pure as the intentions behind them.

From the outset, Constance envisioned a brand that was more than just a label; she imagined a living, breathing embodiment of her principles. At Lost River Naturals, every product is a testament to the power of nature, meticulously crafted from high-quality, organic ingredients sourced responsibly and ethically. Since 2006, Constance has been at the helm of this venture, personally overseeing the formulation of each product. Her proprietary blends are a culmination of years of research and a profound understanding of botanical science, ensuring that every item offers the utmost in efficacy and safety.

Constance’s journey began long before the inception of Lost River Naturals. Growing up surrounded by nature, she was always fascinated by the healing properties of plants and herbs. This fascination turned into a lifelong passion as she delved deeper into herbal studies, eventually becoming a certified herbalist. Her passion for continuous education in phytotherapy has allowed her to gather unique insights on a clean and natural lifestyle which she skillfully incorporates into Lost River Naturals’ products.

For Constance, Lost River Naturals is not just a business—it’s a community. She is deeply committed to educating her customers about the benefits of natural and organic skincare. Through workshops, blog posts, and personal consultations, she shares her wealth of knowledge, empowering others to make informed choices about their health and beauty routines. Her dedication to transparency is evident in the detailed ingredient lists provided for each product, ensuring that customers understand exactly what they are putting on their skin.

As a visionary entrepreneur, Constance continues to push the boundaries of natural beauty. She is constantly exploring innovative ways to enhance her products. Her commitment to excellence has garnered a loyal following who trust Lost River Naturals for all their beauty needs.

Looking ahead, Constance envisions a future where Lost River Naturals expands its reach while staying true to its core values. She is excited about introducing more people to the benefits of clean, green beauty, and continuing to innovate in ways that respect both people and the planet.

Meet Constance, a true pioneer in the natural beauty industry, and a guardian of health. At Lost River Naturals, she invites you to discover the beauty of nature transformed by care, science, and a profound respect for all living things.


Our Store At Lost River Naturals

Step into the serene ambiance of Lost River Naturals, where each visit is more than just shopping—it’s an experience. Surrounded by the subtle scents of natural botanicals and the earthy elegance of our décor, our store is a haven for those who cherish organic beauty and wellness. Alongside our exclusive in-store offerings like the mesmerizing crystal confetti bowl and bespoke crystal rings, you’ll find our full range of beauty products. These include our meticulously crafted skincare items, each formulated with the finest organic ingredients to nurture and rejuvenate your skin.

Explore our unique selection of aromatic candles that can transform any space into a soothing sanctuary. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift or a special treat for yourself, our store offers a distinctive collection that you won’t find online.

Come visit us at Lost River Naturals, immerse yourself in a world of natural beauty, and let our knowledge guide you through our products, sharing tips and insights tailored to your needs. We’re excited to meet you and help you discover products that align with your lifestyle and values!


Clean Beauty Promise

Our products are eco-friendly, clean, natural and made in small batches for the ultimate control. The ingredients are sourced consciously. This is eco-friendly natural beauty products for women.Our commitment extends beyond just offering products; it’s about ensuring they meet the highest standards of safety and sustainability. We invite you to verify the purity and safety of our ingredients through the EWG’s Skin Deep® Cosmetics Database, a resource that aligns with our values of transparency and environmental responsibility. Our products are eco-friendly, clean, natural, and made in small batches to maintain the highest quality. This is eco-friendly natural beauty redefined for conscious consumers.


We are a pro-aging community of women who know that what we put on our skin should be natural and clean. By using organic clean beauty products you will notice a difference in your skin immediately. The American Academy of Dermatologist (AAD) recommend you establish an effective skincare routine by your 40’s and 50s. If you are ready to begin, shop our products today.


Self-care Beauty Products

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We are located at 2317 Ashley River Rd. Charleston, SC 29414! Call us at 843-225-4011