Pregnancy Tea (caffeine free)


Pregnancy Tea is the ultimate nourishing tonic for expecting women.


Pregnancy Tea is a caffeine-free beverage specifically designed to provide optimal nourishment for pregnant women.

It serves as the ultimate tonic to support the well-being of expectant mothers, offering a range of essential nutrients.

Enjoy the benefits of this specially formulated tea throughout your pregnancy for a healthy and balanced experience.

Formulated with the best herbs to support a healthy pregnancy for mama and baby.

How to Use:

  • Use 2 teaspoons per 8 oz cup of tea
  • Bring one cup of water to boil
  • Steep 2 tsp of tea, covered, for 10 or more minutes
  • Serve with honey if desired
  • Enjoy a cup a day in the first trimester, increasing to 2 cups in the second trimester daily.
  • During the last trimester, increase your enjoyment of our delicious pregnancy tea to 3 cups a day in preparation for labor and delivery.

Pregnancy Tea Contains 100% Organic Herbs:

  • red raspberry leaf, nettle leaf, peppermint leaf, alfalfa, oat tops, ginger root, rosehips, chamomile, lemon balm, orange peel


  • 9 ounce glass jar
  • 30 servings

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9 oz glass jar


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