Old Fashioned Hot Chocolate


Who doesn’t love a hot cup of cocoa!? Hot chocolate is comfort food in a mug!



Most hot chocolate mixes on the market today are far from natural. In my kitchen, we use simple, real ingredients to make this decadent treat. I have taken great care and have spared no expense in bringing you the very same cocoa that I make for my family….and it’s something special!

My organic and 100% natural, allergen free hot chocolate is a comforting treat for any time of year.

~packed in a reusable, 8 oz jar

~use 1 Tbsp per cup of milk

~over 16 servings in each jar!

100% organic: raw cacao powder, Dutch process cocoa powder, raw cane sugar, confectioners sugar, Enjoy Life chocolate chips (dairy free, soy free), Himalayan salt (Just a touch!)

Directions: add 1 cup of milk to a small saucepan. Warm gently to desired drinking temperature. Whisk in 1 Tbsp of cocoa. Pour into a mug and enjoy with or without marshmallows



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