Lavender Rose Eye Pillow


Lavender Rose Eye Pillow is a lovely way to rest your tired eyes and unwind from the stresses of the day. -Weighted with organic flaxseeds and scented with organic botanicals.


Size: 11” x 4.5”

Filled with organic golden flaxseeds, organic lavender buds, rose petals and a hint of ylang ylang essence.

Use this soothing eye pillow chilled or at room temperature anytime you need to rest your overworked eyes, relieve a headache, or reduce puffiness.

Organic cotton fabric is used to ensure a clean, toxin free experience.  

The gentle weight of this eye pillow is extremely relaxing and within just a few minutes of resting your eyes, you will feel the calming yet rejuvenating effects.  

How To Use: 

Place the weighted pillow directly over closed eyes and relax for at least 10-20 minutes. 

To Chill: Store in freezer (inside zip close bag) for at least 1 hour before use. 

To Heat: Gently microwave, wrapped in a clean, dry towel for 20-40 seconds. DO NOT OVERHEAT and DO NOT place a heated pillow directly over the eyes.

Use a warmed pillow on the neck/shoulders or forehead as desired.

Contains: Organic 100% cotton fabric, organic golden flaxseeds, organic lavender buds, organic rose petals, organic ylang ylang essential oil  

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11” x 4.5”


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