Elderberry Gummies


Our delicious Elderberry Gummies are packed with all the goodness of black elderberry plus added zinc and Vitamin C for wellness.


Elderberry Gummies are a fun, tasty way to get your daily dose of Vitamin C, Zinc and all the goodness that elderberries provide.

Elderberry gummies are a chewable, tasty supplement that contain the extract of berries from the elder plant (Sambucus nigra).

We add essential Zinc and Vitamin C for optimal benefits.

No artificial colors, flavors or additives

  • 400 mg of Elderberry Extract per serving
  • 150 mg of Vitamin C
  • 8 mg Zinc
  • Vegan, non-GMO

Benefits Include:

  • immune system support
  • naturally occurring flavonoids + other beneficial antioxidant compounds
  • anti-inflammatory, antioxidant & antimicrobial effects
  • a reduction in sick days from common colds and flu


per 2 gummies: black elderberry extract (400 mg), apple juice concentrate, cane sugar (4 grams). palm glaze, zinc citrate (8mg), Vitamin C (150 mg sodium ascorbate + ascorbic acid), no artificial colors or additives

How To Use:

  • Adults take 2 gummies daily preferably with food
  • Kids can take 1 daily


  • 50 gummies or
  • 100 gummies


  • Potential choking hazard, cut in half for small children



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50 count, 100 count


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