Eczema Balm


Eczema Balm is our most gentle but powerful formula for dry, itchy, inflamed skin.



Eczema Balm is our most gentle but powerful formula for dry, itchy, inflamed skin.

We have formulated our eczema balm to be gentle enough for babies, yet effective enough for even the most stubborn cases.

Rashes, like an eczema rash, are often a sign that the body is inflamed: something in the diet/lifestyle is causing inflammation and it is expressing through the skin in an itchy, often painful, rash.
Topical applications can help soothe these rashes while we look for clues as to the cause.
Focusing on diet, lifestyle and digestive health, most eczema cases can be completely remedied.
Calendula, the most widely used herb for skin health, combines with other botanicals to control itching, promote healing and cell rejuvenation, and combat infection that can result from excessive scratching.

Potential Benefits:

  • relieve itch
  • prevent infection
  • soothe the skin
  • promote healing and new cell growth


  • jojoba oil
  • olive oil
  • castor oil
  • mango butter
  • calendula
  • red clover
  • rooibos
  • chickweed
  • goldenseal root &
  • natural beeswax

How To Use Eczema Balm:

  • apply a small amount to face and/or body as needed to promote healing and prevent itch, inflammation, redness and infection.
(wheat free, tree nut free, essential oil free)


  • .75 ounce twist up tube
  • Large 2 ounce glass jar
(baby and Kid Safe)

Users say:

“We tried this with my 5-year-old who usually HATES to have me apply lotions to her problem areas. You know how you don’t notice how much something is helping until you forget to use it? Well, I noticed how much this helps her at night as soon as I forgot one evening, and then proceeded to apply in her sleep. Great product!” ~Carrin P.
“This eczema balm is the only thing that has helped my son’s eczema and I have tried a lot of other products!” ~Megan T.
“Love this balm. I am finally free of medications for my skin!” ~Kathy T.

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.75 ounce, 2 ounce jar


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