Daytime Beauty Bundle


Our Daytime Beauty Bundle provides 5 beautiful products to include in your morning routine.


Bundles are great way to save money and get several products at once to enjoy without having to choose… we have done that for you with our Daytime Beauty Bundle! You’ll find some of our favorite products for regular use here in our beauty bundles with big savings. Bundles make excellent gifts for yourself or someone you love!

Reg price $185

Bundle savings $28 (over 15%)

Bundle Discount Price $157

Our daytime beauty bundle provides 5 beautiful products to include in your morning routine.

  • Lemon Poppyseed Face Scrub – a gentle exfoliating, foaming face cleanser for daily use
  • Charcoal Body Bar – Our activated charcoal bar soap is a generous 5 ounces in weight. Earthy scents join with floral lavender in this cleansing, detoxifying body bar.
  • Botanical Body Oil – Body Oils are deeply moisturizing with little effort. Beautifully aromatic with notes of rose, frankincense, vanilla, cardamom and more
  • Lip Serum – Treat your lips to a youthful, glossy sheen with anti-aging benefits. Our lip serum is presented in a sleek, glass roll-on bottle for ease of use and it’s naturally rich in vitamin E, other vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids for healthy lips.
  • Silken Skin Day Cream — Our face cream has a delightfully light and velvety consistency that absorbs quickly for immediate replenishment. The result is a smooth, soft finish that instantly relieves dryness.


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