Cotton Candy Perfume

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Cotton Candy Perfume is a sweetly scented, fun aroma for all ages that really smells like cotton candy!


Cotton Candy Perfume is a fun, sweet, delightful solid perfume stick for girls, or the young at heart!

Like our other perfumes, cotton candy perfume is 100% natural and made with organic botanical ingredients.

A red colored flower root is employed to created a pretty, pink, rosy color.

Natural botanicals create a beautiful, sweet, sugary aroma with notes of vanilla, citrus, caramelized sugar and cream!


How To Use:

  • apply to pulse points as desired

Cotton Candy Perfume Contains:

  • Organic jojoba oil, grape seed oil, castor oil, white beeswax, alkanet root (for color) and a proprietary blend of natural botanicals for aroma

Additional information


One size, .75 oz twist up


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