Coffee Mint Salt Glow

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Exfoliate, Soften, Glow!


Get a spa experience and radiant glow right in your own bathroom with our refreshing salt scrub! The bright aromas of peppermint and coffee beans are sure to bring the spa to you while brightening your day (and skin!)

Perk up your skin and mood by massaging a small amount into dampened arms, legs and feet. Rinse and pat dry. No need to moisturize afterward.

*Removes dead skin cells and encourages new, healthier skin cell formation

*Increases circulation to your skin for a more radiant appearance

**Aromatherapy benefits perk up your skin and mind!

*Deeply moisturizes and softens skin

Contains: a blend of salts, organic olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, shea oil, raw honey, organic espresso coffee, organic peppermint essential oil

large 8 ounce glass jar with wooden scoop $22


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