Clean Burning Candles

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Clean burning candles have natural aromas and a cozy feel with wood wicks and a beeswax/soy wax blend. Wood wicks provide a cozy, crackling sound when burned.


Clean Burning Candles are the perfect way to naturally scent your surroundings with captivating, inviting aromas.

Candles made with natural waxes, wicks and scented with clean aromas are far superior to artificially produced candles.

We use a natural soy wax/beeswax blend, wood wicks and only clean aromas for natural, realistic scents in our hand-poured candles.

Clean Burning Candles are easy to enjoy because they have more subtle, realistic aromas instead of overpowering, artificial scents that can be harmful to your health.

Clean Burning Candles Scents:

  • Lavender Sandalwood ~ fresh, slightly sweet and herbaceous with lavenders from around the world, woody sandalwood, cedar and a hint of vanilla
  • Fresh Brewed Coffee ~ wake up the senses with the inviting aroma of fresh coffee brewing at home or at your favorite coffee house with notes of coffee, vanilla, and sweet cream
  • Crackling Campfire ~ cozy, warm and woodsy aromas are unmistakable in this homey, familiar scent with notes of hickory, silver fir, cedar, sweet pipe tobacco, clove, maple and campfire embers
  • Cinnamon Vanilla ~ warm cinnamon combines with enticing vanilla and maple aromas in our cozy, comforting candle for cinnamon lovers
  • Peppermint Vanilla ~ refreshing mint and warm vanilla notes combine in this delightful scent to brighten the room and make your day
  • Spiced Chai ~ warming, cozy chai spices of cardamom, cinnamon and clove intertwine with fresh creamy aromas and toasted almonds in our festive clean candle


Available in generous 9 ounce tins with approximately 50 hours of burn time per candle.

Wood wicks provide a cozy, crackling sound when burned!


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Lavender Sandalwood, Fresh Brewed Coffee, Crackling Campfire, Cinnamon Vanilla, Peppermint Vanilla, Spiced Chai

2 reviews for Clean Burning Candles

  1. Kacy

    I have tried a multitude of scent apparatus for my home. This is the only candle/wax warmer/spray I’ve tried that will give my whole area a strong enough smell for the entire area (not just a few inches away) I Love that it doesn’t give an artificial scent but a soul soothing aroma. My family loves to enjoy the soothing scents and sounds of these candles. They are the best and healthiest option of my home.

  2. Sarah

    Definitely suggest! It does great job at filling the entire room with an amazing smell! I love knowing that’s it is clean burning too! An absolute amazing candle for any room!

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