Amber Rose Eu De Parfum Spray


Amber Rose Eu De Parfum Spray is a sexy, warm scent of full rich amber notes, rose petals, cedar, vanilla, lavender and hints of citrus.


Size: 2 oz/60 mL 

Amber Rose Eu De Parfum Spray Contains: organic alcohol, distilled water, proprietary blend of botanicals

How To Use: Shake gently, spray a small amount to pulse points as desired.  

 Eu De Parfums are simple, aromatic perfume sprays for those who cannot tolerate a high concentration of essential oils on the skin.  

Lighter than a perfume, yet more fragrant than Eu De Toilette, an Eu De Parfum (which translates into “perfume water”) can last 4-6 hours on the skin.

So, they are perfect for an evening out or any time of day you want to envelope yourself in a lovely, natural fragrance. 

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Size: 2 oz/60 mL


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