Allergy Tea (caffeine free)


Allergy Tea is a caffeine-free, delicious blend of herbs for allergy relief.


Allergy Tea is packed with natural antihistamines and anti-inflammatory botanicals.

Our blend for allergies and respiratory health is a delicious combination of nutritive plants and immune boosting herbs and spices.

Allergy Tea is naturally high in Vitamin C and tastes delicious warm or chilled!

Look and feel your best with Allergy Tea and pure honey.

Get Relief From:

  • sniffling and sneezing
  • watery eyes
  • sore throat
  • coughing
  • sinus congestion



  • 100% Organic ~ nettle leaf, plantain leaf, lemon balm, tulsi leaf, licorice root, elderberry, echinacea root and tops, cinnamon bark, rosehips, lemongrass


  •  9 ounce glass jar
  • 30 servings


Additional information


6 ounce glass jar


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