Lip Balms

From my family pantry to yours

Lip Balms

Our lip balms are made from a base of organic butters, natural beeswax and organic, vegan oils, herbs, and essential oils. Our customers *rave* about them and they are a staple in our own home, purse, travel bag…

Customers say: “There isn’t a day I go without using your lip balms. I have tried everything with no results. I always had to keep reapplying the store brands but I don’t have to with yours. They stay put and a little goes a long way.” ~Lori M.

“Never mind lip gloss, I just use your lip balms instead and they keep my lips healthy which I love.” ~Janice D.

“I stock up every few months so I never have to be without your awesome lip balm!” ~Mary Beth

“These balms are smooth as silk and really work! I have not found any lip balm as wonderful as yours. Thank you for making them!” ~Alice L.

“They don’t feel waxy and I love the smoothness and subtle scent!” Bianca S.

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