Herbal Teas

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Herbal Teas

Hippocrates was once quoted as saying “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Herbal teas are food for the body and soul!  Sipping tea is an excellent way to enjoy the healing properties of herbs in your daily diet. They provide natural energy, protection, and joy.

As folk herbalist Rosemary Gladstar has said: “The mere act of making and drinking tea involves you in the healing process and awakens an innate ability for self-healing in the body.”

Teas can be enjoyed warm, at room temperature or chilled. They are delicious blended with fruit juice for children or frozen into herbal pops. You do not need any fancy equipment to make tea. All you really need is a glass jar with a lid, your selected herbs & boiling water, and a strainer or tea infuser.  Once brewed, store your herbal tea in the refrigerator and consume within the week.

We offer loose teas which are not only appealing to the eye, but we can more easily connect with the healing properties of herbs when we can *see* them!  Loose teas are superior to teas that have been processed and put into tea bags in that they are fresher and more potent!

Tea infusers are also available

Herbal Tea Infusers

Herbal Tea Bags

These tea bags are made from a hemp-based fiber and are non-toxic, chlorine free and dye free. The herbs inside are 100% organic and naturally caffeine free!

Loose Herbal Teas

Loose Herbal Teas, Hand Blended, Small Batch

All loose teas are packaged in an eco-friendly, resealable, stand-alone bag that is made from 40% recycled material.

Each bag is filled with 10 ounces (by volume) of loose tea to make approximately (30) 8-ounce cups of tea! We love our loose teas and so will you!

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