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 Green tea is among the healthiest beverages you can drink with little caffeine and a multitude of health benefits including weight loss support and cancer prevention. 

Matcha Green Tea

The health benefits of matcha green tea exceed those of your average green tea, because when you consume matcha powder, you ingest the entire leaf instead of just the infused water. While matcha IS green tea, it is shade grown and then finely powdered to produce a delicious, deep green, antioxidant rich tea.

One single cup of matcha is = to 10 cups of ordinary green tea in terms of nutritional value and antioxidant content! Packed with powerful EGCg, a cancer fighting antioxidant, matcha helps prevent chronic diseases and slows the aging process. This delicious beverage may also:

~enhance mood

~effectively detoxify most toxins from the body

~relax the body

~fight viruses and bacteria

~aid memory and focus

~boost metabolism and burn fat

~boost energy and

~encourage robust immune system health

Most people find that using just 1/2 tsp of Matcha powder makes the perfect cup of tea

Organic Premium Grade Matcha Powder

20 servings, glass jar $20

Matcha Green Tea 20 servings
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