Authentic Gemstone Jewelry

pure beauty, powerful energies

pure beauty, powerful energies

Crystal Gemstone Bracelets

Gorgeous, natural gemstone jewelry for everyday enjoyment~

Choose one, two or pick them all for yourself or a crystal loving friend!

from top to bottom:

Sodalite (blue) ~unites logic with intuition and opens spiritual perception, deepens meditation, eliminates mental confusion, calms panic attacks/anxiety

Cherry Quartz (pink) ~ fills you with inspiring and empowering energies, powerful balancing stone that benefits a weak or sad heart, promotes forgiveness and harmony

Tiger Eye (gold) strengthens willpower and success, releases fears & sharpens senses, a stone of unwavering focus and determination

Clear Quartz ~bolsters spirits, brings clarity of mind, amplifies the power of other stones, the most powerful, healing crystal for the emotional, physical and psychic self

Aventurine (green) positive stone of prosperity, enforces leadership & decisiveness, promotes compassion, stabilizes state of mind, enhances creativity, promotes awakening to nature, soothes fears & restlessness

(sold separately)

Natural Candles

These lovely candles are exquisitely made with real essential oils & non-toxic soy wax.  The wonderful aromas are generous but not overpowering. These mindfully crafted candles make the perfect addition to any room for a warm, inviting glow and natural, botanical aroma.

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