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Whipped Body Butters

~therapy for skin health~

Whipped Body Butters

Body Butters are superior to conventional lotions because they deeply moisturize, nourish and protect skin while lotions can contain up to 70% water which does a poor job of moisturizing and evaporates quickly. 

Our thick, lush butters do an excellent job of hydrating skin and the moisture lasts all day with one small application!  With most other lotions, you have to slather on a lot of product but not with our whipped butters; just a small amount will soften, hydrate and protect your precious skin with aromatherapy benefits as well and they contain NO water.

100% Organic Ingredients: raw shea butter, calendula infused coconut oil, golden jojoba oil and therapeutic essential oils 

It's that time of year when it's TOO HOT TO SHIP these beauties! Pick up only please. (Lotion Bars below ship just fine in the heat)

Foaming B​ody Washes

Organic Skin Cleansers

Foaming Body Washes

Our large, 18.5 ounce foaming pump top bottles are home to pure, rich lathering, organic cleansers for your skin!  Most washes on the market contain toxic chemicals, foaming agents and potentially dangerous artificial preservatives.

There's a much better way!  UNburden your body with organic personal care products :)

Our body washes are made with beneficial castile soap which is vegetable based, pure and effective. This special pump creates foam naturally for a delightful, aromatic experience. Antimicrobial essential oils offer a natural, gentle preservative and aromatherapy benefits.

Ingredients: Organic Castile Soap combines with Organic Essential Oils for skin health, Distilled Water and Golden Jojoba Oil to leave your skin clean, fresh, soft and supple...a little goes a LONG way! *richly scented with botanicals*

Soothing Suds Bubble Bath 

*Travel Size*

Same great formula as above in a cute 

travel size bottle

* 4 fluid ounces

Bubble Bath Travel
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