achieve true health and happiness Today

I have a burning desire to spread health, wellness and happiness!

I Am Here To Help.

Who Am I?

Connie Young Holistic Herbal Mentor

I am a mom who is *on fire* for all things natural and organic, including learning which I also believe should be “natural and organic”, never forced, which I why I keep my 3 children out of the “schooling” system. We are a happy, healthy, home-learning family! I believe in home-birth or natural birthing and I practice what I preach! I believe that true health starts from birth and many modern “conveniences” and practices can sabotage that God-given, healthy start! As a mom and wife, I wear many hats! But my first priority is a relationship with Jesus, followed by a burning love for my family which is why I chose the lifestyle we live! It allows us to be a close-knit group with an unbreakable bond. We laugh a lot around here and don’t take life too seriously!

Where Was I?

There Is Always A Moment We Are Lost

Before I became a mom, I felt lost and was unsure of what path would make me truly happy. I was always a hard worker but I didn’t know what I wanted to “do” with the rest of my life! It was through getting married in 2001 and starting a family that I found my purpose!

Where Am I Now?

I Adore Being A Mother!

Today, as a woman in my 40s, I can say without hesitation that THIS is my calling, my mission… to be someone who loves deeply with understanding & compassion and teaches purposefully and faithfully. My mothering instinct has spilled over into my business…I am a MOM at heart!

Why Am I Great Choice?

Standing Tall & Proud

I’m a great choice because I walk the walk; I have a burning desire to spread health, wellness, and happiness! I have experience. I have done the work. I learn more every single day. I have not become complacent. I am always growing and expanding my knowledge of the human body and different modalities of healing. I understand the complexities of natural healing and I can help get you there.

My Offerings To The World:

I'm Not All About "The Sale"

I offer not only advice and an understanding of what ails you, but I also offer solutions! Sometimes those solutions can be found in the products that I make or offer, and sometimes these solutions can be found elsewhere. I’m not always about “making a sale”. I am about HELPING. I want to help you achieve true health and happiness and I will go to great lengths to listen and provide the *best* advice I can, whether or not you ever buy anything from me. I started this business to support my family, yes, but I have found a greater purpose… helping others.

What Is A Holistic Mentor?

An Educator At Heart

A holistic mentor is a teacher at heart. She wants you to not only be well, but know the whys and hows to achieve wellness on a deep level. A holistic mentor will go to great lengths to teach and impact the lives of all who desire true health and happiness!

Who are*You*?

You are a compassionate healer.

You worry about raising children in a toxic world.

You are a benevolent empath but also a fierce warrior. 
You value your family’s health and happiness above all else.
You will do anything for those you love. 

I see myself in YOU!

A Promise To You

My promise is to continue this path of educating and creating. I want for you what we have… JOY! Joy IS: delight, radiance, gladness, bliss… I believe joy can be found in nature, in simple things. I promise to help you experience joy through plant medicine and other organic therapies.

What People Are Saying About Lost River Naturals

"Connie is patient incredibly knowledgeable and works tirelessly for her clients. We love everything we have from her and she is our go-to for everything natural. Thank you, Connie!” ~Valeria T.

What People Are Saying About Lost River Naturals

“I highly recommend Connie for any of your needs!! she whipped up a wonderful oil blend for me and had it ready for me the next afternoon! Her sweet personality and quality products will keep me coming back!” ~Chandler S.

What People Are Saying About Lost River Naturals

“Connie and her knowledge of naturals to feed our bodies is a valuable sage. I learn so much from following her work.” ~Becca M.

What People Are Saying About Lost River Naturals

“Connie is amazing when it comes to her creations and customer service. She always goes the extra mile to lend an ear and offer advice.” ~Jessica L.

What People Are Saying About Lost River Naturals

“I can't live without the Youthful Goddess Facial Serum! It smells amazing and doesn't clog my pores as most serums do. Connie knows exactly what she is doing because she has a lifetime of professional herbal experience.” ~Alley Jean

What People Are Saying About Lost River Naturals

“I absolutely love all of Connie’s products. Everything is so fresh. You know you are using all- natural products made with ingredients from the earth.” ~Ann M.

What People Are Saying About Lost River Naturals

“Connie is a highly experienced herbalist. Her products are fabulous and she has many remedies for common ailments. I love her honesty and great advice.” ~Bianca A.

What People Are Saying About Lost River Naturals

“I have tried many natural products in the 20 years that I have used essential oils and find Connie's to be the best! She is wonderful to work with and if you are in need, she will help you with your issues. She also freely shares excellent information about healthy living. I have used many of Connie's products and she has healed many an issue. She has a true "gift" and knowledge beyond. I don't know what I would do without her.” ~Diane W.

What People Are Saying About Lost River Naturals

“Connie has a Gift that cannot be explained in the human language. In my time of need, she has been there. I suffered a horrible miscarriage and she hand-delivered a special care package for me to recover. I love that each of her products is solely based on achieving ultimate health & strengthening every part of the body to function the way we were created to function.” ~April C.

What People Are Saying About Lost River Naturals

“I was first introduced to Connie and her wonderful Deodorant Cream over a year ago. Since then I have tried many of her other products. Every product has exceeded my expectations. Connie carefully crafts each item and ensures it is fresh. She has a genuine love for her customer's and she is always sharing her knowledge of herbs and natural remedies.” ~Jamie D.

What People Are Saying About Lost River Naturals

“You have inspired me so much!!! Your words of wisdom about essential oils have helped me learn 🙂 You are wonderful to work with and are so kind!!!” ~Emily S.

What People Are Saying About Lost River Naturals

“Everything we purchase from you helps & I know I can always trust that the ingredients are natural & made with complete love!” ~Shanika W.

What People Are Saying About Lost River Naturals

“You've helped me in so many ways over the years. Your products are all amazing, and what you've sparked in me more than anything is a consciousness of what I put in and on my body. You've taught me so much! I have made major life changes since we first met. I was always into natural health but having your guidance has been life-changing. I appreciate that you are always willing to answer questions and that you truly care. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do! ~Rian F.

What People Are Saying About Lost River Naturals

“You have helped me in several ways. What you say you sell, is what I get in return and they are honest, authentic products. I have asked for your suggestions and now I am knowledgeable with essential oils. Thank you for being so kind, trustworthy & easy to talk to!” ~Sadie A.

What People Are Saying About Lost River Naturals

“By just a simple Facebook chat message, Connie was able to help me with pain that I have dealt with for years. She genuinely cares and was not just in it to take my money. I trust her opinion and products for life!” ~Chelsea T. 

What People Are Saying About Lost River Naturals

“Many years ago, a friend of mine was bragging about her natural deodorant that didn’t stink after hours of exercise. I remember being shocked at how great she smelled—I ordered the cream deodorant and was instantly hooked! My love for the deodorant led me to explore other products.

The dream faerie syrup and tea—REALLY works!! When my children were younger, we used the syrup when they needed to calm down and sleep. I use the tea myself. The muscle rub, the vapor rub... everything is amazing!!!! I am currently obsessed with the DIY Elderberry as we get through the winter season. I am also in love with the lip balms—pink tint is my current favorite.

Connie is so great with communicating, answering questions, and being honest—she’s awesome. I am allergic to so many products and I have never had an issue with anything from Lost River Naturals. I highly recommend Connie and LRN for any products you may need. Start HERE, support a small business and an amazing woman.” ~Kristen L.