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We believe in Self-care beauty products without all the chemical additives. It’s important to us to spread wellness, love, and beauty. We promote Pro-Aging for women around the world.


Meet Constance

As an herbalist, Constance couldn’t find healthy, natural, organic beauty and lifestyle products to meet her high standards. She knew what she had to do and founded Lost River Naturals. A place with high-quality clean beauty products she could trust for herself and her family. She creates her proprietary blends of botanicals and herbs since 2006 with love.

Our Store

Our new South Carolina location is now open for business! We have special items not available online such as our amazing crystal confetti bowl, crystal rings, candles, and more. Stop in and say hello!


Clean Beauty Promise

Our products are eco-friendly, clean, natural and made in small batches for the ultimate control. The ingredients are sourced consciously. This is eco-friendly natural beauty products for women.


We are a pro-aging community of women who know that what we put on our skin should be natural and clean. By using organic clean beauty products you will notice a difference in your skin immediately. The American Academy of Dermatologist (AAD) recommend you establish an effective skincare routine by your 40’s and 50s. If you are ready to begin, shop our products today.


Self-care Beauty Products

  • Organic Perfume
  • Beauty Bundles
  • Rose Skincare
  • Tinctures
  • Bath & Body
  • Lips
  • Face
  • Lifestyle & Home

We are located at 2317 Ashley River Rd. Charleston, SC 29414! Call us at 843-225-4011