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Meet Connie

I’ve never held down a 9 to 5 job; I never had the desire to be confined to a cubicle and sit for long hours. As soon as I was old enough to get a job, I chose waiting tables because it was an active job and I got to meet many different kinds of people. The faces changed every day. I liked the interactions and the movement.


“Tonic herbs, proper nutrition, adequate rest, connecting with self, and joyful exercise are our primary prescriptions for well-being.“

~ Rosemary Gladstar

Medicinal Herbal Remedies

Holistic Healthy Choices For Your Family

I live by the perspective of, “Don’t just learn how to use 40 different herbs one way; instead, learn how to use one herb 40 different ways!” Because of this, I have dedicated my life to ensure the slow and meticulous advancement of my herbal education so I can bring the very best handmade products to my family and YOU! I am not against modern medicine, I am against the abuse of over-use of prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medicines.

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Seasonal Favorites!

It’s always a good idea to keep some tried and true, natural herbal remedies at home in your pantry. The best time to purchase an herbal medicine is *before* you need it! Here are my top 3 recommendations for each season including personal care products for health and happiness!

Spring Favorites!

There’s no need to sniffle and sneeze your way through this lovely season of rebirth!

Allergy Tincture is a fast, shelf stable remedy for indoor and outdoor allergies. With natural herbal antihistamines and anti-inflammatories, this tincture is a favorite for allergy sufferers. (Allergy Tea and Allergy Herbal Syrup is also available)

Bug Balm! This great smelling balm works so well for those biting, annoying insects that seem to invade fun, outdoor activities! Bug Balm stays on the skin for a long time, which gives you and your family the freedom to enjoy the outdoors without being *bugged* by flying pests! (Herbal Bug Spray is also available)

Gentle Detox Tea While Spring is a beautiful time of renewal *outside*, we also need to look inward to cleanse and renew after a long, cold and stagnant winter. Gentle Detox Tea is a pleasant way to assist the body in removing toxic buildup in the blood, liver and digestive tract! It’s easy on you and tastes delicious!

Summer Favorites!

Fun summer activities are a must, but feeling sweaty & stinky is NOT!

Freedom Deodorant Cream will keep you dry, fresh and comfortable all summer. This best selling deodorant lasts all day with one simple application.

Must-Have Salve is our go-to treatment for bug bites, sunburns, cuts, scrapes, even poison ivy! Sometimes Summer adventures can lead to skin problems, but those irritations are no match for Must Have Salve!

Summer fun can leave your skin and hair parched and dull.

Lustre Hair and Body Oil is a lovely, multi-purpose botanical oil for dry, damaged hair (leave in conditioner!) and it doubles as a skin moisturizer and protector and triples as a bath oil. I just love multi-purpose products!

Fall Favorites!


Fall means back to school, so we have to be ready to tackle germs and get immune systems in tip-top shape! Good health starts with a good night’s sleep.

Dream Faerie Tincture works quickly to get you settled into a restful slumber. This herbal formula is also available in TEA form and also as a sweet herbal syrup for young children.

Traditional hand sanitizers are toxic and dangerous with -believe it or not- pesticides and endocrine disruptors that can be catastrophic for little bodies.

Our Squeaky-Clean Hand Sanitizer is not only pleasantly scented with real botanicals, it utilizes safe, natural ingredients that are more effective at killing germs than chemicals. It won’t dry out the hands and its safe for anyone in the family.

Super Immunity Tincture helps build immune system strength while naturally energizing the body! This herbal extract is a must if you want to stay healthy throughout the year. This tincture effectively supports the immune system and it can be used daily, long term for general health and wellness.

Winter Favorites!

No matter your age, occupation or location, you are *going* to sick from time to time.  Herbs can be used for the prevention and treatment of many common ailments.

DIY Elderberry Syrup allows you to be in control of making your own medicine. While full instructions are included for this favorite remedy, you can tailor the recipe to suit the needs of your family- excluding honey for young children for example. I love the DIY syrup bag because you never have to be without this tried and true remedy for colds and flu! Just make as needed and the bag can last all winter! Kids love the sweet herbal syrups and you’ll get no complaints from them because the taste is delicious! (ready made Elderberry Syrups are also available)

I prefer the Elderberry & Echinacea Tincture myself because it needs no refrigeration and you can take it wherever you go or just leave it by your bedside table for easy access. Now, it’s not sweet like an herbal syrup but it is equally or more effective for older kids and adults that don’t mind a more *intense* taste.


Cold and Flu Aroma Spray is a product that I never let run out here at home! This water-based essential oil spray is a convenient way to clear passages and congestion while killing germs in the air and *in* the body! Essential oil inhalation is the most efficient way to get aromatherapy benefits. Using a diffuser is wonderful, but when you can’t diffuse your favorite oils, Cold and Flu Aroma Spray is a wonderful option and it’s portable! –great for allergies too!


Flaming Cider is a must have for winter wellness! This age-old natural concoction is shelf stable so just reach for it at the first sign of *any* illness. This cider has been known to stop an illness in its tracks! This spicy, vinegar-based remedy is a potent medicine that everyone needs at arms reach, not just for colds and flu, but digestive issues and general health!

What People Are Saying About Lost River Naturals

"Connie is patient incredibly knowledgeable and works tirelessly for her clients. We love everything we have from her and she is our go-to for everything natural. Thank you, Connie!” ~Valeria T.

What People Are Saying About Lost River Naturals

“I highly recommend Connie for any of your needs!! she whipped up a wonderful oil blend for me and had it ready for me the next afternoon! Her sweet personality and quality products will keep me coming back!” ~Chandler S.

What People Are Saying About Lost River Naturals

“Connie and her knowledge of naturals to feed our bodies is a valuable sage. I learn so much from following her work.” ~Becca M.

What People Are Saying About Lost River Naturals

“Connie is amazing when it comes to her creations and customer service. She always goes the extra mile to lend an ear and offer advice.” ~Jessica L.

What People Are Saying About Lost River Naturals

“I can't live without the Youthful Goddess Facial Serum! It smells amazing and doesn't clog my pores as most serums do. Connie knows exactly what she is doing because she has a lifetime of professional herbal experience.” ~Alley Jean

What People Are Saying About Lost River Naturals

“I absolutely love all of Connie’s products. Everything is so fresh. You know you are using all- natural products made with ingredients from the earth.” ~Ann M.

What People Are Saying About Lost River Naturals

“Connie is a highly experienced herbalist. Her products are fabulous and she has many remedies for common ailments. I love her honesty and great advice.” ~Bianca A.

What People Are Saying About Lost River Naturals

“I have tried many natural products in the 20 years that I have used essential oils and find Connie's to be the best! She is wonderful to work with and if you are in need, she will help you with your issues. She also freely shares excellent information about healthy living. I have used many of Connie's products and she has healed many an issue. She has a true "gift" and knowledge beyond. I don't know what I would do without her.” ~Diane W.

What People Are Saying About Lost River Naturals

“Connie has a Gift that cannot be explained in the human language. In my time of need, she has been there. I suffered a horrible miscarriage and she hand-delivered a special care package for me to recover. I love that each of her products is solely based on achieving ultimate health & strengthening every part of the body to function the way we were created to function.” ~April C.

What People Are Saying About Lost River Naturals

“I was first introduced to Connie and her wonderful Deodorant Cream over a year ago. Since then I have tried many of her other products. Every product has exceeded my expectations. Connie carefully crafts each item and ensures it is fresh. She has a genuine love for her customer's and she is always sharing her knowledge of herbs and natural remedies.” ~Jamie D.

What People Are Saying About Lost River Naturals

“You have inspired me so much!!! Your words of wisdom about essential oils have helped me learn 🙂 You are wonderful to work with and are so kind!!!” ~Emily S.

What People Are Saying About Lost River Naturals

“Everything we purchase from you helps & I know I can always trust that the ingredients are natural & made with complete love!” ~Shanika W.

What People Are Saying About Lost River Naturals

“You've helped me in so many ways over the years. Your products are all amazing, and what you've sparked in me more than anything is a consciousness of what I put in and on my body. You've taught me so much! I have made major life changes since we first met. I was always into natural health but having your guidance has been life-changing. I appreciate that you are always willing to answer questions and that you truly care. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do! ~Rian F.

What People Are Saying About Lost River Naturals

“You have helped me in several ways. What you say you sell, is what I get in return and they are honest, authentic products. I have asked for your suggestions and now I am knowledgeable with essential oils. Thank you for being so kind, trustworthy & easy to talk to!” ~Sadie A.

What People Are Saying About Lost River Naturals

“By just a simple Facebook chat message, Connie was able to help me with pain that I have dealt with for years. She genuinely cares and was not just in it to take my money. I trust her opinion and products for life!” ~Chelsea T. 

What People Are Saying About Lost River Naturals

“Many years ago, a friend of mine was bragging about her natural deodorant that didn’t stink after hours of exercise. I remember being shocked at how great she smelled—I ordered the cream deodorant and was instantly hooked! My love for the deodorant led me to explore other products.

The dream faerie syrup and tea—REALLY works!! When my children were younger, we used the syrup when they needed to calm down and sleep. I use the tea myself. The muscle rub, the vapor rub... everything is amazing!!!! I am currently obsessed with the DIY Elderberry as we get through the winter season. I am also in love with the lip balms—pink tint is my current favorite.

Connie is so great with communicating, answering questions, and being honest—she’s awesome. I am allergic to so many products and I have never had an issue with anything from Lost River Naturals. I highly recommend Connie and LRN for any products you may need. Start HERE, support a small business and an amazing woman.” ~Kristen L.

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“Herbs can be a wonderful addition to your daily routine. I want you to experience how beautifully and perfectly herbs can
work for you and your family.“

~ Connie Young

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